An Insightful Nanny Interview Question

“Why would a parent be more excited to have you as a nanny compared to someone else or some other childcare alternative?” This is a question I love to ask when I am interviewing a potential nanny…a pretty open ended question.

Some nanny-candidates talk about the fact that they are able to focus specifically on the needs of the child they are caring for. Many talk about their desire to keep children engaged in activities and keep them away from watching tv or playing video games.

What gets me excited is when a nanny-candidate talks specifically about activities that they enjoy doing with children which show their unique passions and interests. Here are a few recent responses that I have appreciated:

“I love doing science projects with children. Not the way you necessarily do them in school, but just getting creative and experimenting with stuff.”

“I am pretty much a craft expert. Crafts are great for kids and I have so many craft ideas!”

“When I nanny for older children I like to do a meeting at the table each day. We talk about their day and I bring a quote of the day to discuss and learn from. Its amazing to hear their ideas.”

“I love tutoring children that I nanny. I work hard to connect with children in a way that fits their learning style. I watch their eyes to see when I am losing them and need to take a new approach.”

The answers they give demonstrate to me how much they enjoy working with children, the thought they put into engaging children in activities, and the confidence they have in their abilities. My goal in interviewing is to find nannies that I can be excited to bring to a family so that they can also get excited about their childcare.

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