Meet Katelyn

Katelyn comes to Northlight Nannies ready to support families with her unique gifts and talents. Katelyn graduated from Kuyper College with a degree in Social Work.  She wants to later pursue her MSW in play therapy to continue to serve children. Until then, she is excited to work with kids as a personal nanny.

In her free time, Katelyn enjoys reading, knitting, spending time outside (especially at the beach) and playing games with her family. Katelyn admits she actually enjoys organizing and cleaning.  She put this skill to good use as the big sister in her family.

Speaking of family, Katelyn feels like her role as a big sister instilled in her a patience and understanding for young children.  Spending time in her church nursery and helping with Sunday School classes also gave many opportunities to develop her skills as a role model for children.

Katelyn understands the importance of teaching children about life at their own level, keeping things simple, while allowing them to grow and be challenged while showing love and support to children as they mature. She feels she has become the person she is today thanks to the unconditional love and support of her family and wants to share that with other children.

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