Do You Need a Nanny Cam?

Women’s Lifestyle Magazine just had an article on the legality of setting up a camera to watch your nanny at home with your child. It answered what rights the parents have to do this and had some great pointers on talking with your nanny about your reasoning.

However, the article led me to ask the question, do families need a nanny cam?

That is a personal decision for each family, but if you’re a family that’s getting ready to find a nanny, I encourage you to consider other options that can give you a quality nanny and the peace of mind that will allow you to leave home without wondering if you set the camera up properly.

Northlight Nannies’ Custom Care Approach takes on the task of learning what the family is looking for in a nanny and then interviewing, checking references, and completing a professional background check to make sure the best qualified nanny is brought to the family.  The family confirms Northlight’s choice through an interview orientation when they meet the nanny.

A Northlight Nanny goes through a training session emphasizing their job to live as a role model for the children, to encourage healthy self-esteem, to support the parenting style of the parents, and to keep children safe.

Each nanny talks to the family on how the day went at the end of a shift, but the Northlight Nannies office staff also receives a report after each shift describing how the day went. This gives Northlight Nannies an opportunity to watch for areas of success and areas of improvement to make sure the children aren’t just being well cared for, but are being encouraged to learn, explore and grow.  Nannies need encouragement and accountability to continue to actively engage children. They also need tools such as new games, behavior management ideas, craft suggestions, etc. to keep things fresh and creative.

A nanny cam could be a great resource if you have concerns about your nanny or hope to catch some of those special kid-moments like first steps that you might miss while at work. But, I believe that having a nanny you trust and an office staff that has you and your child’s best interest in mind are the first step to a successful nanny relationship.

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