Keeping the Conversation Going

Do you ever find yourself at a loss on how to keep a conversation going with your children or children that you nanny? ¬†Sometimes we simply want to connect with the children when they are getting home from school, but they seem to have nothing to say but one-word answers. Here are 3 easy tips to keep that conversation going…

1) Keep questions specific.

Instead of “How was your day?” Try “What was your favorite activity today?”
Instead of ¬†“How was recess?” Try “What games did you play at recess today?” or “Who did you play with at recess?”
Instead of “How were your classes?” Try “How was art class?”

2) Give them time.

Some kids aren’t ready to chat right away after getting home from school. If your first question gets a one-word or bland answer, switch gears. Tell them you’d love to hear about their day, but maybe they would like a snack or to play a game first.

3) Share about your day and encourage them to ask questions.

This is great practice for kids to learn how to be listeners as well as showing interest in other people’s lives. My favorite moment of the day is when I pick up my preschooler and he pipes up from the backseat, “And what did you do today, Mommy?” This is great practice for interacting with adults and showing respect and attention to

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