Nanny Training Sessions

Nanny and childWe’ll be honest, being a nanny can be a tough job. Stepping into an authority role in someone else’s home with someone else’s children can be a challenge.  Nannies need to find that balance between using their own leadership skills and decision-making abilities and making sure to stay within the childcare philosophy of the family they are serving.

At Northlight Nannies, we meet with our newly hired nannies to help them review some of the important “must-haves” that go along with working for a nanny family.  Here’s a peek at a few of our highlights.

#1: Be on time, EVERY time. We understand how crucial it is for a family to stay on their own schedule. In the morning,  even 5 minutes can make a difference between a parent starting their day on the right foot.  When a nanny is meeting children after school it is a MUST that they are present early to meet the bus  ON TIME.  We even have a call in system in place for nannies that meet children after school so that a child never arrives home to an empty house, even if car troubles or traffic cause a delay.

#2: PLAN ahead, but be FLEXIBLE.  We encourage our nannies to think about upcoming shifts and plan activities that will be both entertaining and educational for the children. We love it when nannies bring a new craft, snack idea or a favorite game or book to share with the children. Learning what the children are passionate about can help nannies brainstorm great activities, while sharing their own hobbies can introduce new ideas to the kids.  However, we all know that even great plans aren’t always going to work out based on how the child’s day is going or what homework or schedule needs are already on their plate. Therefore, we encourage our nannies to be ready to change plans and do what meets the family’s needs first.

#3: Work WITH the parents.  Nannies might have their own schedule ideas and behavior management style, but we always encourage our nannies to take the time to listen to and learn from the parents about their preferred approach to daily routine, behavior management, media time etc.  Children do best in a stable, consistent environment and we want our nannies to support that system.

#4: Communication is KEY.  Coming home to their children, parents love to hear about some of the day’s events. We encourage nannies of young children to keep a brief daily log to show parents highlights of activities completed and the schedule the child kept.  For older children, it’s great to share a fun conversation or observation of something the child did well during the nanny’s shift.  Conversations like this are a great chance to build up the child by affirming their positive actions and give Mom or Dad a fun story from the day.

Working as a nanny is an exciting and rewarding job. Helping to support a family by caring for their children and having a chance to watch those children grow and develop gives our nannies a great reason to head into work every day!

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