Kids Bored Indoors? We Got Answers…

My children keep asking me what season it is.  Here in Michigan, that can be a tricky question to answer.  For example, it’s officially Fall on the calendar, but my children and I made a snowman earlier this week.  Two years ago in March, it was officially the start of Spring, but we got our kiddie pool out on an 80 degree day.  Regardless of what the season officially is, weather can play a big part in how a family spends its day and what activities keep everyone happy and entertained. As we enter into a colder, darker season of the year, here are some of our favorite indoor activities that can keep little bodies moving and active.

Cup Scramble: My son brought this one home from his kindergarten gym class recently and I thought it was a blast! We spaced 6-8 plastic cups around  our family room. Half the cups were upside down, the other half were right side up. We set a timer ( a minute was plenty ) and we were off! My goal was to flip as many of the cups right side up as possible using my hands. My son’s goal was to flip as many cups as possible upside down.  We kept working against each other until the timer went off and then counted who had the most facing their preferred direction. It’s a quick, fast game that gives both you and your child a great work out!

Indoor Jump Rope: Do you have an open space in the basement where you don’t mind having the kids jump around?  Try tying a large jump rope to a pillar or stationary desk  and you take the other handle to help your child practice jumping rope. You can teach them some of your old favorite jumping songs or I recently saw a teacher helping a student jump rope and practice their spelling words at the same time. What a great way to learn and exercise at the same time.

Family Boot Camp: My husband has been attending boot camp at a local health club and brought some of the station ideas home with him. We created a Family Boot Camp and created exercise stations for the whole family to take part in.  Some of our favorites were a Stretching Station, Sit-Up Station, Knee Raises, Squats to a 12 count, Jumping Jacks etc.  Have each station last for a minute or 2 and then have everyone rotate. Another great opportunity to have some family time and exercise.

Relay Races: If you have multiple children and an open space in a play area, you can create relay races for your children.  Create different challenges for each leg of the race. For example, round 1, the child needs to hop across the room on 2 feet; round 2, the child needs to bear crawl on hands and feet;, round 3, the child needs to log roll acr0ss the room.  With multiple children, have them practice giving a high-five to the next participant to tell them it’s time for them to do their round. With one child, you could do these same races, but focus on following the instructions correctly or how fast they can complete the different rounds.

Indoor play doesn’t have to be all legos, puzzles and crafts. While those are great things to do, sometimes you just need to get everyone moving!

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