The Little Moments Matter

As my kids helped me wrap Christmas presents this holiday season, I was struck by a childhood memory that I hadn’t thought about in a while.  As I tied ribbon around a gift, I asked my daughter to place her finger on top of a knot I had just tied in order to allow me to double knot it tightly.  I suddenly flashed back to my mom asking the exact same thing of me as she wrapped presents when I was a little girl. She would always pretend that she was about to tie my finger into the Christmas present, but I was able to slip out just in time.  I played the same game with my daughter and retold her that same story.

It struck me that its often those simple little moments of life that turn into special memories for us as adults.

My father would not brag to be an expert chef, in fact, I rarely saw him cook a meal, but sometimes when Mom was gone for a weekend, he would have to step in. One of my favorite “little moments” was when Dad and I decided to cook spaghetti together. We carefully boiled the water, added the pasta and then asked, “how do we know when it’s done?”  Dad remembered that if you throw the pasta against the wall and it sticks, it means the pasta is done. I have no clue if that little bit of wisdom is true, but we sure had fun tossing a couple strands of pasta against the kitchen tile.

This week, I was heading out the door to do an evening grocery shopping run when my daughter begged to come along.  Normally, I would have left her behind because we would get home after her bedtime, but we decided to go together.  Shopping was just another typical trip, nothing very memorable or special, but on the way home we had a blast singing Sound of Music songs together and making up our own lyrics to the songs.  I hope that might be a “little moment” that comes back to her when she is all grown up.

I share all of these stories as a simple reminder that you don’t need to be planning big, amazing moments to experience with your children. Trips to Disney are wonderful memories and an awesome Christmas present might also hold a special place in your child’s memories, but every day we have opportunities to create “little moments “that will also hold a special place in your child’s life.


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