Opportunities to Encourage

Cross country skiingThis weekend, our family headed out on our first cross country ski adventure as a family of 5. We had our 3, 5 and 7-year-olds all geared up, a first time adventure for our 3-year-old. I knew we were going to be slow, but I wasn’t aware of how incredibly slow we were going to be as our 3-year-old carefully stepped his way down the trail.

I was curious how our fellow cross country skiers would deal with our slow moving caravan. I assumed they would silently zip passed us intent to enjoy their day in the woods without getting stopped by our bottle-neck.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of skiers who took the time to ask questions of our kids, encourage them in their abilities and reminisce about the days when they were teaching their kids how to ski.

One woman who was out for the first time herself, took the time to empathize with my youngest as he tried to convince his skis to go the right direction. She affirmed him how tough it was to learn something new, but that she was proud of him for giving it his best.

My kids left their cross country skiing experience feeling like rock stars who had their very own fan club.  Words like “Way to go, Buddy!”  and “Looking good!” echoed through their ears.  I hope to find ways to share that encouragement with others in the coming days.

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