Off to the Expos!

Rockford ExpoThis weekend, Jeff and I have the opportunity to take part in two community expos – Forest Hills and Rockford.  It’s a funny coincidence that they occur on the same day, but we love this opportunity to be a part of these community events.

We set up our table with a simple game and some prizes and have a chance to meet the families and children of the area.   In case you can’t make it to the expo, here are several of the questions we are often asked:

How do your services work?  We hire nannies to go to your own home to care for your children. By hiring the nannies on your behalf, we can take care of all the tax issues like withholding and W-2s and make your life simple with a bill for hours worked 2 times per month.   If you use our On Call services for an evening out, you won’t ever have to stress about having cash to pay the babysitter, you can simply pay by check when you get your bill.

Do you work in Belmont? Rockford? Ada? Forest Hills?  We serve families in the greater Grand Rapids area. When taking on a family we want to make sure we are going to be able to provide great service through their primary nanny and have good options for back-up care if the need arises. Therefore we focus on attention on Grand Rapids and it’s surrounding communities. However, please feel free to call and find out if we have coverage in a certain area. It never hurts to ask.

What screening process do you use? When finding a nanny, we uses a multi-step process to ensure we are providing a great nanny for your family. Once an application is received, we complete a phone interview, in-office interview, contact references and run a nation-wide background check.

How old are your nannies? We hire a broad range of nannies. Some of our nannies are college students with the flexible class schedule needed to serve in a part-time nanny position. Others are college graduates or young adults without a college degree who are passionate about childcare. Still others are women with grown children who are eager to have some time with young ones.  During our in-home consultations, some families share a preference for what age they are looking for in a nanny, we are happy to keep that in mind during our search.

What happens when a nanny quits? If a nanny has to give up her position with a family due to college graduation, moving etc, we take on the roll of filling that nanny position for the family. We ask all of our nannies to commit to a certain time frame when hired and provide notice before they need to leave the position. Therefore, we do our best to provide a seamless transition for the family as they meet and get to know their new nanny.

We would love to have a chance to meet you or answer any additional questions you have at the expos this weekend. Forest Hills Expo will be at Ada Christian School from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. We will be at Rockford High School from 9 am to 3 pm.

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