Countdown to Summer

iStock_000013663657XSmallWe are in the final days of the 2013-14 school year and summer break is fast upon us – are you ready!?  Here are some fun reminders of great activities to keep you and your kids active and happy throughout this summer break.

Day Camps and Weekly Classes:

Some kids need something special to look forward to in their summer while others appreciate the consistency of a weekly event. There are so many great activities in GR that can meet either of these needs.

Consider finding a day camp for your child to look forward too. Often day camps can be just that – a single day at a special place like Blandford Nature Center or it can be a special week where you still get to go home each day. The YMCA, for example has 4-day camps that you can sign up to attend. The camps range from archery to ballet, from soccer to skateboarding. Visit their website to learn more.

Kent District Library offers weekly events that you can put into your schedule including baby time, toddler time and family story time along with some special evening events. Visit and click on Parents and Kids to find the schedule for your local library.

GRKids has taken the time to document many of your different camp options throughout the area. Read about more at

 Explore the Area:

I’m not sure about you, but I often get into a not-so-exciting routine of always visiting the same parks and playgrounds. Make this summer, The Year of the Park, as you pick a day each week or month to try out a new park in a new part of town. Pack a picnic, invite a friend and perhaps have a family vote at the end of the season about which was your favorite!

Consider exploring by bike as well. There are so many great bike trails in the area. And if your kids need a little extra incentive – there is often an ice cream shop somewhere along those trails that can be a great snack break!

Activity Jar or Envelopes:

Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck for an activity or everyone has trouble agreeing on what to do during the week.  This summer I am going to try an envelope system in which I’ll write out 12-15 activities and place the papers in envelopes. Each week, we’ll open an envelope and see what idea appears. This could be picking a day of the week to go see a movie or plan a picnic or treat ourselves to a new board game.  Other ideas could include scheduling a playdate with friends or buying the ingredients for homemade ice cream. I hope this system creates some ownership of the summer for the kids as they plan when and how to implement these ideas.

Summer can be a glorious time of sunshine, family and relaxation. May you and yours have a fabulous summer!




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