Half Time!

Time outCan you believe it? We are half way through our summer break!  Just like in a great sports match, let’s call this a brief time out and take a moment to look back on the 1st half and see what needs to happen in the 2nd half.


How has your summer gone so far?  Has it been a good balance of at home play and outings? Did you fit in a family vacation? Are your kids enjoying a more relaxed schedule?

At our house, we’ve been able to embrace a later bedtime allowing us to fit in some front yard t-ball games as the day cools off.   Hopefully, these sun-filled evenings are allowing you and your family to fit in some playtime after the work day is done.

Having more hours at home has led to a need for some new creativity to make at-home play fun. While kids often expect the parent or nanny to bring all the creativity to their day, I’ve learned that letting the kids feel “bored” eventually leads to some great creativity. My kids have made their own traveling lemonade stand, created an American Ninja Warrior course at a local park and found many squirmy, wiggly creatures around the yard.

Getting out and about has been another major goal. We’ve enjoyed weekly visits to the local library, picnicked at different parks and our big adventure included introducing the kid to Michigan’s Adventure (on one of the coldest days of the summer, but what can you do…) If you’re home during the week or have a nanny caring for the kids, be sure to plan in some additional stops during the week to bring about some new play.


Now that you’ve developed your summer routines, this half time is a good chance to see if things are working out as you hoped or if you need to make some changes.  Did you have any bucket list items that you haven’t gotten to yet? Maybe it’s time to plan that day-trip to the beach or finally get around to scheduling the playdate that you had promised.

Despite possible pushback from the kids, do you need to start adding some school-like routines into your day to start to prepare for the fall? Perhaps after a 6 week break it’s time to reintroduce some daily reading time or a math page or 2.

And finally – what are your childcare needs like for the fall? Are you going to need after school care?  Do you have a preschooler who needs someone to pick them up and care for them until you get home from work?  Please remember Northlight Nannies is available to find a great nanny to meet your needs.

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