Copycat Parenting

I love observing parents interacting with their kids in day-to-day activities. playing at the park, grocery shopping, eating at restaurants etc. Parents all have different techniques and tricks for having successful outings with their kids and I think observing and trying out some of these techniques with our own kids can lead to some great successes.

A few years ago, I was pushing my child on a swing next to another woman at a park. I overheard her offer her child a “rollercoaster”. Simple clicking noises were made as she pulled the swing back as if the coaster was headed up the track. The child then shouted “Wheee!” as she went “down” the other side of the coaster.

I brought this idea home and it has morphed and changed with the times. We’ve added a “ticket plan” in which kids have to give me their pretend ticket before I’ll push. We pretend they have to click their roller coaster seatbelt shut before the ride will begin and we have great fun in which my “naughty” children pretend that they ride the coaster without their seatbelt! We have the crazy roller coaster which is really high and twisty and the smooth rollercoaster that is a gentler ride.

My simple “copycat” of this woman’s swinging idea has led to years of swingset fun at our house. I have a feeling my children will someday give their kids “rollercoasters” thanks to this woman.

Watch and see what other parents do in their day-to-day interactions with their kids and you might pick up some great tips.

You might:

Observe a mom setting a standard BEFORE entering the toy aisle, reminding kids that this is a look only day and if they start begging for stuff, everyone is leaving.

Witness a parent use a great game of I Spy or do a color or shape search to keep their child entertained in the checkout lane at the grocery store.

See a great activity bag or book that a parent brings to a sit-down restaurant to help the child stay seated quietly while waiting for their meal.

Watch a parent use a game of follow the leader to get the whole family moving across the beach or park.

None of these solutions are rocket science, but sometimes we can forget about simple solutions to everyday situations.  Feel free to look around and see what’s working (and not working) for other parents and see what works best for your family.

At Northlight Nannies, we love to partner with families and nannies to find the best way for their children to have successful days of work and play.  If you’re looking for a great nanny to work with your family, contact Northlight.

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