Time to Restock your Craft Supplies?

Christmas Break is coming. For some, this involves hours of travel and multitudes of Christmas parties, but for others Christmas Break involves a lot of downtime and more at-home play than usual.

What do you do with those extra hours at home?  Weather pending, you might be spending a lot of time indoors.  Before Christmas Break arrives, it might be a great time to restock your craft supplies.  Here is a simple list of some favorite supplies and easy craft ideas to jumpstart an indoor day.

Favorite Craft Supplies:

Googly Googly Eyes (anything is better when you can add your own googly eyes – imagine pom-pom creatures, construction paper snowmen, foam pencil toppers and more)

Glue (Tacky Glue, Foam Glue, Glue sticks etc)

Waterproof Wood Glue (great for making toy boats out of popsicle sticks to float in the tub)imgp0197

Tape and Duct Tape (when a child wants a craft done quickly – it’s no fun waiting for glue to dry)

Construction Paper

Popsicle Sticks ( to go with the toy boat craft)  Be warned that the pre-colored popsicle sticks offered at local Dollar Stores are a lot of fun, but when wet, the dye often rubs off.

Felt and Foam Sheets – Foam sheets can be cut into sails for toy boats or shaped into pencil toppers.

Pipe Cleaners – Pipe Cleaners are simple bracelet tools for little ones or can be intricately woven into fun braids, creatures and more.

Yarn – Google how to make yarn pom-poms

Leftover Oatmeal Containers (great for making pencil/marker holders, giant binoculars, and more)

Cereal Boxes – Using scissors and duct tape, cereal boxes can quickly become a stuffed animal bed, doll house or castle.

Ziplock Bags – Wonderful for storing small creations, making sensory bags or “I Spy” kits.

As we keep sharing with our nannies – with pinterest and search engines, the possibilities are limitless for crafts and activities. Simple google “homemade crafts with _____” or “easy crafts with _______” and fill in what supplies you have on hand and let the craft fun begin!

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