Meet our Nannies

In the process of searching for great nanny matches for our Northlight Families, we have the opportunity to get a glimpse into the hearts and minds of many different people seeking a nanny position. Our nanny hiring process is extensive including phone calls, applications, in-person interviews and reference checks.

When reading through some of our current nanny’s original applications, it’s easy to see why they have done so well for their nanny families.  We’d like to give you a glimpse into some of the passion behind our nannies’ work.  Here is just a sample of some of our application questions and nanny answers.

Please tell us why you would like to be a nanny?

 “I love to play with kids and watch them grow and learn.”

“I have a lot of great experience babysitting and being a nanny already, and I know that I love it.”

 “I love to care for children and meet their individual needs. I am a natural nurturer and enjoy being needed. Children are a joy to me!”

“I would like to nanny to be able to assist in making a family’s life easier.”

Please tell us about your personal values and your thoughts on being a role model for children.

” I find it extremely important to be a positive role model for children. The way adults and peers treat children shapes the person that they will be. Working with children is a huge responsibility.”

“I would like to be the kind of person the children would want to grow up to be like.”

“I believe that by demonstrating a positive attitude, never giving up, always trying your best, and being kind to others can make an impact on a child’s life.”

“I remember when I was little and I got excited for a babysitter to come over and I want to be that person for a child.”

“Though I am not perfect, I strive to be generous, patient, loving, honest, humble, hard working, joyful, etc.  I like to pass this on to children indirectly by my example, as well as directly by reinforcing manners, and encouraging sharing and kind words.”

Other questions include information about past experience, additional skills and qualifications. Here it so wonderful to read about years of nannying/babysitting experience, opportunities to work at camps, chance to care for special needs children, CPR training, first aid care, spanish-speaking abilities, people who love to cook and clean and nannies who are passionate about crafts and the outdoors.

Our nannies don’t all look the same. Different hair, eyes, ages and personalities all make each person a unique individual. And yet, it’s a joy to see how they are bonded by their love for children, passion to make that child’s world a better place and to share their talents and skills with others.

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