Be Prepared

“Be Prepared” – While I typically think of this as the Boy Scout mottos, it applies to so many areas of life; work, family, parenting and even nannying.

Several nannies recently shared details of ways that they prepare for a nanny shift. One nanny visits the library picking up several books by the same author. This gives her a chance to introduce the children to different style of writing such as Dr. Suess and Mo Willems.

Another recently took a length of ribbon from home and introduced her nanny child to a “create your own” balance beam. Laying the ribbon out on the floor she encouraged the child to get moving and use her gross motor skills to walk and hop across the beam. When she needed a break, she helped her stuffed animals get their exercise on the beam as well.

A third nanny carries a box of homemade play-doh, cookie cutters and plastic knives in her car.  This provides instant craft time wherever she may go.

Simple, thought-filled activities can go so far, turning an average nanny shift into an excellent nanny shift.

DSC_0432Our nannies show great creativity and planning on their own, but an additional support system Northlight Nannies has recently introduced is our Nanny on the Go bag. This simple goody bag is filled with activity booklets, craft ideas and fun supplies to give a nanny and the children a great headstart in creating an excellent nanny shift.

Working together with its nannies, Northlight Nannies continues to do its best to inspire children and support families.

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