Spring Break at Home

Are you having an at-home Spring Break this year?  While it is awesome to get out of town or even out of the state and enjoy a family vacation, it’s not always possible to take a big Spring Break trip.  And yet, an at-home Spring Break can have a lot of possibilities too. Let’s look at some of my favorite activities.

For some kids, it is simply wonderful to have a break from the regular routine.  Have a day (or 2) where there are no rules about when to get dressed or when to eat breakfast.  See where their own creativity and play lead and have fun. At our house, this can lead to an all-day pajama day or an awesome fort built in the basement or a lego-extravangza.

A little bit of planning by Mom or Dad can go a long ways into creating a fun activity or even making errands a little more exciting. I recently planned a car scavenger hunt in which I wrote out clues for each of our stops.  We fit in a trip to the donut shop, visited a local pet store, and stopped at the craft store for supplies I needed.  None of these stops were amazingly exciting, but the excitement of the unknown kept us busy and ready for the next stop.

If you are not in the mood for a car scavenger hunt, the same idea can be used at home.  Leave clues in different rooms of the house leading to a final “treasure”. At our house, this treasure is usually a special afternoon snack like rice crispy treats or hot chocolate with marshmallows or it can be some new craft supplies that you had tucked away.

Weather pending, the kids will be eager to get outdoors and start to enjoy the spring weather.  Go for a hike at a park you haven’t been to in a while or dust off the bicycles and go for a ride.

Finally, GRKids.com has done an amazing job of listing some of the local businesses and restaurants offering special treats during spring break.  Check out some of their great ideas for an outing.

You may not get a gorgeous tan or a ride a roller coaster, but Spring Break in GR can be a fun time for all!


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