Build our own…

Sometimes you just need to have something fresh and new to do, but don’t want to run to the store to buy a new game or craft.  When those moment happen at our house it’s time to “BUILD OUR OWN…”  This means we take something we already have and play with and put a new spin on it.

For example:

We’ve been playing a lot of iPod checkers at our house ,but I wanted to introduce my son to the full-size version. Using the backside of our current scrabble board, some washi tape and Scrabble pieces gave us a chance to BUILD OUR OWN…. checkers set!


A family favorite was the day that we emptied out my linen closet and found simple ingredients like petroleum jelly and a little shampoo. Combined with random craft objects like beads, buttons, wooden dowels etc and (double) sealed tightly in a ziplock bag, we were able to BUILD OUR OWN…. sensory bag.

Another week, we turned hopscotch into a whole new game by creating an indoor, math-focused version. Drawing the numbers 0-9 on cardboard squares (about 1 foot square) plus the typical calculator symbols of addition, subtraction etc, we were able to BUILD OUR OWN… human size calculator!  Given a simple equation, the kids would hop on the equation and give the answer.

Using a cereal box cover from the recycling bin, I challenged the kids to cut the board into various shaped pieces. Soon we were able to BUILD OUR OWN…. puzzle kit.

Our existing supplies can create loads of fun whenever we get our imaginations involved! Can’t wait to see what our next “BUILD OUR OWN” turns out to be.


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