Nannies in Action

We recently had the opportunity to care of a group of children as their parents attended a business meeting. This was a fun opportunity to provide a lot of creative games, crafts and activities to create a great time for these kids. We also get to bring in a group of our wonderful nannies and see them in action bringing everything to life!  We love watching our nannies bring excitement, creativity and intuition into this situation.

We love to see some of our most valued nanny traits during these events.

1. Be Enthusiastic! We all hear that enthusiasm is contagious and it is so true. As children walk into a situation they have never experienced or as kids at home interact with a nanny for the first time, the enthusiasm of the nanny sets the tone.  If the nanny thinks this is going to be a great day, it’s going to be a great day! If the nanny enjoys the game or toys, they can help the children enjoy the game or toys.

2. Be Creative! Nannies can turn average play into AMAZING play by simply using their own creativity. Giving names to the safari creatures or having them tell a story adds a new dimension to play time. Using newspaper or card board boxes to create roads and car garages for matchbox cars gives car play a new direction. Creating a treasure hunt with afternoon snack waiting at the end of the clues can create a yummy success for the kids.

3. Anticipate Needs! Always look ahead to what is going to be needed throughout the nanny shift.  Is a bottle going to be needed in a little bit? Are the ingredients at hand? Is the bedroom ready for nap time? Are the toys picked up before Mom and Dad get home.  Nannies can help stay on top of everyone’s needs and help keep the family running smoothly by thinking through what will need to happen.

We love our Northlight Nannies. They are a wonderful group of caring, creative individuals with a real love of children.  We are so pleased to share them with so many West Michigan families.  If you know of someone who needs a great nanny, have them give us a call!

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