Encouragement for Kids

I came across this sign the other day and loved its examples of ways to encourage a child. ┬áThese words seem to equally appreciate a job well done and a job well tried which can be so vital for kids to hear. ┬áJust yesterday, I was doing craft time with my children and a craft was not going the way my daughter expected it to go…

My problem-solving side immediately wanted to jump in and do the craft for her to get her past the tough part and keep the project moving, but she quickly pointed out that she didn’t want a craft that I had made, she wanted a craft that SHE had made. Perhaps #41 would have been a good choice, “I know it’s hard, but you are almost there.” or #36, “You are really persisting with this.”

We chose to work together with her doing the majority of the work and getting a parent-assist when requested. In the end, I was able to wrap up with #38, “You did it!”

Encouraging successes and good tries can be so helpful in forming confident children. Read the list below and see which ones you want to add to your daily vocabulary.



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