Is it Tuesday?

My 5-year-old son wakes up and calls for me every morning. I go in to say good morning and the first sleepy words out of his mouth are often, “Is it Tuesday?”  You might ask why my son cares whether or not it is Tuesday, a day that doesn’t usually get too much attention in the week.

However, in my son’s world Tuesday equals “Grandma day”.  The day that his grandma has set aside to spend some time with him.  When he was not in school, Grandma day meant an entire morning with Grandma doing puzzles, going out for “coffee” (and chocolate milk), running errands together and special outings.

Now that he is in school, Grandma day has had to shift to a quick lunch or a bonus school pick-up, but it still holds a special place in his heart and mind.

Not everyone has an entire day/morning that they can dedicate to spending time with a special child in their life, but we can think through ways that we can create an “Is it Tuesday?” moment in that child’s life.

Some ideas could be:

A special food that you eat as a family every week that is well loved. Cinnamon Roll Saturday,  Pizza Friday, Taco Thursday etc…

Pajama Night: Pick a date every month that everyone gets to put on their PJs as soon as they get home. Eat dinner in PJs, do homework in PJs, play a game together in PJs.

Date Night: Work out the chance to take each of your kids on a one-on-one date to an event of their choosing.  Try to do one date night every couple of months so the kids each get a few chances per year.

Sports Day: Does your family have a special sport you love to watch? During that season, set aside time to watch as a family.

Child Choice Night:  Pick a night each week that the kids get to make their own choices (within reason) regarding what order they do their evening routine in. Eat, Play, Homework, Stories or Homework, Eat, Stories, Play etc.

Is it Tuesday? Is it Taco Thursday? Is it my Date Night?  All of these simple options can create a lot of excitement and wonderful memories in your child’s life. I am sure my children will someday tell their kids about the fun of Grandma Tuesday. What memories will your kids share?

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