Do You Need a Summer Nanny?

There are so many days of summer and so many hours to fill! What are you and your kids going to do?

Well – for a lot of parents work continues year round (obviously) and you need to find a great way to fill your children’s days.  Have you considered an in-home summer nanny?

Here are just some of the perks of having your own summer nanny:

*No Drop OFF needs. The nanny comes to you and the kids can still be in their PJs! No need to get the kids up and ready and out the door on your way to work. They can get a kiss goodbye and the nanny will take care of making breakfast, getting the kids dressed etc.

*Choose your own activities. Do you want the kids to be involved in a library class, attend a day-camp or still be able to have playdates with school friends? The nanny can bring the children to and from special events.

*Kids can enjoy simply being AT HOME. The school year is busy enough and lots of kids enjoy having the opportunity to be at their own house and play in their own yard without being shuttled to a day care setting.

*The nanny is available to keep the house organized and take care of child-related housework. Need a load of kid-laundry run while you are at work? Or want to make sure the kids are getting fresh sheets and making their beds? Our nannies can do this!

*Creative Play. We pride ourselves in nannies that bring excitement and creativity to the day. Maybe it is a new book or a scavenger hunt walk… Our nannies like to help kids enjoy the activities they are used to and bring new ideas of play, fun and learning.

*Flexible Schedule. Do you need full time care or maybe just a couple days a week?  Talk with Jeff about what your childcare needs are and he will do his best to find a nanny to match.

*No Pick UP needs. When you get done with your work day, just head home and the family will be waiting for you.  If you are running a few minutes late, just let the nanny know and she will be able to keep things going at home for you while you finish up.  Many of our nannies are ready and willing to get supper started or feed the kids if it’s a later night.

A Summer Nanny can be a wonderful way to give your children a great summer experience. Contact Jeff at 616-363-9966 to set up an in-home meeting.

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