Story Starters for Kids

As I read articles on parenting and teaching, I continually read about the importance of introducing our children  to words, language and stories. Reading to them when they are young, encouraging them to read and write as they get older and using proper language pronunciation and words are so vital to helping kids get a good start in their language and vocabulary.

traditional-letter-writing-still-popular-among-children-136400464902203901-150917001009One of my favorite activities is something I call “story starters”. These can be used on a road trip, hanging out around the house or as a formal writing time.  Depending on age, you can choose if you are going to simply tell the story verbally, have a person write one story with everyone contributing bits and pieces or have each person write their own and then share later.

Here is an example of how I explain the activity to our nannies:

“Look at the story starters below. Pick one to explore. Choose whether to tell a story verbally or if children want to write their own story(ies).  If you choose to write them individually, enjoy sharing them at the end and seeing how different people chose different endings.”

STORY #1: The Giant’s Toy

There once was a giant who lived behind our house. No one knew he was there because he was invisible to everyone except…

STORY #2: My Imaginary Pet

Meet Oscar. He is my imaginary pet. He is a _____________. He loves to eat ____________ and go for walks in the park. One day…

STORY #3: The Windy Day

Once upon a time, there were 3 children who met at a park. Their names were _________, __________ and ___________. Suddenly a huge wind started to blow and…

STORY #4: The Best Day Ever!

One morning, I woke up and knew that today was going to be the BEST DAY EVER! It was going to be the best day because…

These are just a few examples of story starters.  I love this project because it can be geared to so many different age groups. For example, my 8-year-old needs some extra practice with his penmanship. He doesn’t enjoy writing from a workbook, but LOVES creating his own story. Penmanship practice and creativity can go together wonderfully! My 6-year-old is just learning how to sound out words and spell. He and I usually work on a story together and I can have him help sound out certain words while I fill in the rest.  It is also a chance to demonstrate proper grammar. For example, when he says “we go-ed to the beach” I can suggest that we turn that into “we went to the beach” and he gets to hear the proper word.

Next time you are tucked in the house during a rainstorm or riding in the car for a few hours on the way to Grandma’s – give these story starters a try!



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