Summer Learning Loss – Simple Steps of Prevention

I am one of many parents who LOVES the start of summer. Less morning routine obligations. Less lunches to pack. More options to relax and play. More vacations etc etc…

Typically, my kids are VERY ready to take a break from the school routine as well and are not excited to hear words like reading log, math booklet, science and so on. And I can understand that – they have been working hard for several months and are ready for a break.

And yet, I have read articles about the learning loss that occurs over these summer breaks. For example I just read that:

2.6 months of math skills are lost over the summer.

Six weeks of learning are spent in the fall to re-learn old material forgotten over the summer months.

Two months of reading loss occur over the summer.

2-3 hours of work per week are required to prevent summer learning loss.

So – now it’s almost the end of July and we have had a summer of minimal school-focused learning. This doesn’t mean that we haven’t found ways to keep ourselves connected to reading, math and science, but I haven’t made a huge priority of it.

For example, math factors into our lives ins so many quick and simple ways. For elementary school kids, it is so easy to ask them simple questions like: “We have 2 pizzas with 8 slices each. How much pizza did we just order?” Or on a trip – “We are 100 miles away from our destination, traveling 60 miles per hour, will it take us 1 or 2 hours to get there?

I have previously bragged about local library reading clubs ( and continue to be a huge fan. Thanks to their incentive programs, my children have chosen to keep reading this summer.

Science too, can enter into our daily conversations.  Encouraging your children to help in the garden and learn about plants or collecting rocks are simple introductions to science.

But – now it is the end of July and school starts in just 5 weeks. Yikes!  I have realized that there has been enough of a break from school that I am ready to add some focused reading, math and science time into our family.

For our family, this will include having a parent listen to reading time to help our kids learn better pronunciation of words and sounds. This will mean setting aside a little time every couple of days to practice sight words with our youngest and this will mean dusting off the math books that came home with our kids in June and filling in some of those pages they didn’t have time to finish.  It can also be a  lot of fun to look up some fun and simple science experiments to try at home too. One favorite of our kids involved making water climb up a glass. Learn how here:

So – continue to enjoy these last weeks of summer, but look for some simple and easy ways to start integrating some of those school concepts back into the day-to-day. Your kids’ teachers will thank you.


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