Read, Read, Read!

I attended parent night at my children’ school last night and walked away with one main lesson. READ!

Schools, like the rest of our culture, seem to go through different phases and fads of what one should be doing. I have been seeing lots of articles questioning how much homework should be required. I have seen articles questioning US schools and their ability to test well in various subjects.  I have seen many a discussion about how math is taught and how do we really feel about common core.  And yet, teachers seem to agree about this one thing: READING IS VITAL.

Here are some of the basics that I walked away with:

Introduce books – Allow children to be introduced to books at a young age. Even if you are not available to be reading to the child, encourage young children to page through books and admire the pictures.  In my child’s preschool, they are taught to “picture read”, meaning that they can often figure out the story or create their own story by simply looking at the pictures in the book.  Check out some great wordless picture books at this site.

Read to your kids – Whenever time permits, read to your children. Choose books that you know they will love and consider challenging them to try a different genre or style. Let them hear how you are able to add suspense, questions and different emotions through the use of your voice.  As they get older, encourage them to follow along in the book as you read allowing them to see and hear the words at the same time.  My school recently shared this hilarious book with the first graders. Check out this YouTube video of the author reading The Book with No Pictures. And you will see what fun books can be.

Listen to your kids – As they learn to read, start sharing reading time or taking turns. This is a great opportunity to learn where they are at in their reading and to help them practice sounding out difficult words. It is also a great chance to help them with their comprehension. Do they really understand what they are reading?  You’ll soon find out!

Demonstrate reading – Keep reading yourself. Let the kids see you reading a book or the newspaper or a magazine. Share with them fun facts that you learn and encourage them that they can learn new things too. All from books!

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