Parent Fails and Positive Spins

Do you ever have a day that you just don’t feel like you are succeeding in your parenting role? It was just one of those mornings at our house. Trying to get the family out the door almost sent me over the edge. However, the important thing to remember each and every day is that there is a positive spin to all situations and just keep trying.

Parent Fail #1: Lack of groceries. Life has been busy and I haven’t made it to the store for the big shopping trip that is needed to fully restock the school snacks and lunch needs. Therefore – making lunches was stressful as I tried to find semi-healthy things that my children would eat.
Positive Spin: The kids all got a bonus cookie which will make them smile.

Parent Fail #2: Breakfast. My children all varied breakfast tastes and this morning they all seemed to want different things. Since their lunches seemed mediocre at best, I wanted to please them all by making a breakfast smorgasbord. Instead, they ended up with toast and cereal.
Positive Spin: My youngest tried oatmeal and I actually got to eat breakfast today thanks to his leftovers.

Parent Fail #3: Clothes. Along with a failure to fit in a big grocery shopping trip, I have avoided doing a big clothes shopping trip to fill out my children’s fall wardrobe. This led to a clothing crisis as my daughter tried to find a warm fall outfit that actually fit and was comfortable.
Positive Spin: My children did all leave the house with clothes on. Online shopping will occur later today.

Parent Fail #4: Outdoor Clothes. Lightweight gloves were needed for the bus stop this morning and I tore the closet apart looking for a pair for each child. After finally succeeding and handing gloves to each child – my 8-year-old smiled and looked at me and shared that he had 2 right gloves. A problem which he solved by flipping one over to make it a left glove.
Positive Spin: We got a great laugh at the bus stop as he showed us his problem solving skills and I had a chance to share that moms don’t always get it right, but we try!

We sing a song at my preschool called The Super Man Song by Mary Rice Hopkins.  It teaches kids that even when things don’t seem right, we were made just the way God intended us to be. Verse 3 is a favorite with the teachers and also seems to resonate with the kids that even if Mom doesn’t always get everything right, she is trying.

Verse 3:
I am just an ordinary mom
And sometimes things just go wrong
I’m not Supermom
So, join in and sing this song


Thank You, God, for who I am
I don’t have to be a Superman
Thank You, God, for who I am
All I wanna be is Your best friend

Hang in there Moms and Dads!

Even when you have a day that feels like a parenting fail. Laugh, love and enjoy each other!

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