Remember When

Someday “today” will become “remember when”.

This past Sunday, my family was able to enjoy a wonderful skiing day with some extended family. We enjoyed riding up the chairlift together, telling stories of how the previous run had gone and spent time in the lodge snacking and chatting. Others spent Sunday watching a Superbowl game that turned out to have an amazingly shocking ending.

Both of those events feel so recent. They are our “today”. But soon they will become our “remember when”.

“Remember when we went skiing with all the cousins…”

“Remember when the Patriots scored in the final seconds of the 2016 SuperBowl…”

As parents, we are reminded all of the time to enjoy the moment.  We hear quotes like “The days are long, but the years are short.” We are told that “they won’t be little forever.”  And sometimes, I hate hearing those reminders because it feels like this amazing pressure to enjoy everything – even when you have a sick kid on the couch or a cranky child who doesn’t want to get ready for school.  I don’t want parents to feel pressured that every moment has to be the cover of a Hallmark card or a sentimental SuperBowl ad.

But I do want to remind myself and others that our attitude about each and every day affects how the day turns out.  We can choose to enjoy each moment to the best of our ability and we can choose to invest the time now. So, when you are having a simple moment with your child – reading a bedtime story or having a chat in the car on the way to school – remind yourself that this today moment that seems so ordinary will someday become a remember when. Lock in the joy of it to tell stories in years to come.


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