Living Intentionally

A friend of mine just finished spending 40 days focusing on Mindfulness. She simply made it a priority to be mindful of her thoughts/actions and how they affected others. It was interesting to watch her observations and see how often they affected how she interacted with her children.

Just little things like taking a deep breath before responding to her children when they were acting impulsively.

Taking the time to cherish a moment when her child grabs her hand to show her something that catches their eye or seems extra special.

Choosing to enjoy time spent just hanging out. Whether this is riding in the car together or getting ready for bed. Enjoying the moment.

I really enjoyed watching her look at these snapshots in her life through a lens of mindfulness. I want to take the moment to take her idea one step farther. Mindfulness gave her a chance to look at events as they happened and choose what she was going to take away from the moment.
I would like to challenge myself (and others) to choose to to incorporate both mindfulness and intentionality into their day-to-day life.

How does this look with our kids?

This can include taking a deep breath at the start of the day, focusing on each of your children and thinking about what they are going to need from you that day.

Does your youngest need a one-on-one moment with you to share a great story without older kids interrupting or one-upping?

Can you help your child by taking a moment to help them lay out their clothes for the day or help them make their bed?

This can include planning (and following through) with 15 minutes at the end of the day to read a book with your child or listen to their reading.

This can mean looking for an opportunity to demonstrate compassion to another by letting a tired mom cut in front you at the grocery store.

There are so many opportunities to love and teach our children throughout the day. Being mindful and intentional about these opportunities can allow us to seize these moments.

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