Finishing Strong

We are in the final month of school and I can feel it. So many other parents have shared with me that they can feel it as well. Life feels full, busy, possibly stressful. So many little details to watch and care for. Final projects, End-of- year parties, Sports and more.

And then once you make it through this month, it’s SUMMER! Summer with all of its warmth and fun and excitement. And Summer with all of it’s childcare needs, children who want to be entertained, siblings who need to get along with each other and so on and so on.

So – what can we do to finish strong?

It is easy to say, but sometimes hard to do. STAY ORGANIZED. Read the emails from your teachers, sign the permission slips, keep track on the calendar of events.

ENGAGE YOUR KIDS. Keep your kids engaged in the year-end activities and ask them to help keep everything on track. Do they have any papers in their backpack that you need? Is there lunchbox getting emptied every day? How is that book report coming?

LOOK AHEAD. Summer is coming and with that comes a new schedule and new needs. Have you looked at any camps the kids want to be involved in? How is your day-to-day routine going to change? How can the kids pitch in and help? Do you have childcare needs?

As always – Northlight Nannies is here to help with your summer childcare needs. Now is the time for us to start a search for a great match for your family’s personality and schedule. If you have any questions, please contact Jeff at 616-363-9966.

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