Raindrop Days

Do you remember playing the raindrop game as a kid? Riding on the bus or in the car with my parents, I would look out my window and choose two raindrop splatters that would “race” across my window. Which would win? Would they both make it across the window pane? Would they merge with other raindrops?

My kids still play this game as we ride around on these rainy days. I love hearing the simple fun created by this activity as my 7-year-old cheers his raindrop victory.

Rainy days can create all kinds of opportunities for play that involves all of our senses. In the midst of life that can be filled with volleyball matches, soccer practice, piano lessons and more – give yourself and your family the freedom to enjoy some time together that might feel a little old-fashioned and a little slower than our current day-to-day pace.

For example,

Have you LISTENED to the raindrops on your roof? In the midst of conversations and homework and dishes going in and out of the sink, take a moment and hear the rain drizzle, drip or pound of the rain on your roof. What a glorious sound! Teach your kids to enjoy this beautiful example of nature.

Have you WATCHED the rain pour down in sheets on your street? Imagine the power of the rain streaming out of the sky. Talk about the clouds filled to bursting and ready to overflow into your neighborhood.

Have you SPLASHED in the puddles left over from the rain? Dressed up in rainboots or old shoes, ready to see and feel the fun of a big two-footed jump into the nearby puddle. And then, racing home, to dry off or tuck into a warm tub.

Have you stopped and SMELLED the air after the rain? Take a minute outside and sniff. What descriptive words do they use? Is it a fresh? cool? smell like old leaves? Do they like the smell?

Sometimes rainy days can feel like they are stopping us from enjoying the outdoors, but consider using them as a chance to explore another type of nature and create some fun memories for you and your kids!

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