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Teaching Integrity

I’ve been reading a book called Souls of Steel by Pat Williams. His book is filled with stories of sports heroes, leaders and coaches who have reached their goals by maintaining a life of integrity and honesty. Stories of coaches who choose to take the high road; stories of players who don’t take shortcuts and easy paths.

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Snapshots of Thankfulness

320 days ago I was given a book called 364 Days of Thanksgiving, by Andrew Schroer. This book challenged me to take a moment each day, for 364 days to write down something that I am thankful for.
The thankful moments are supposed to be unique each day which forces me to take tiny snapshots instead of always looking at the big picture.

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Continuing to Let Go

Six years ago, Jeff shared a post about Letting Go. He shared that his professor at Calvin Seminary had said one time, “You spend the first two years of a child’s life holding them tightly; you spend the next 16 years letting them go.” Our goal as parents is to move children from a place of complete dependence to a place of independence.

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Finishing Strong

We are in the final month of school and I can feel it. So many other parents have shared with me that they can feel it as well. Life feels full, busy, possibly stressful. So many little details to watch and care for. Final projects, End-of- year parties, Sports and more. So, what can we do to finish strong?

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Living Intentionally

A friend of mine just finished spending 40 days focusing on Mindfulness. She simply made it a priority to be mindful of her thoughts/actions and how they affected others. It was interesting to watch her observations and see how often they affected how she interacted with her children.

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Remember When

Someday “today” will become “remember when”. This past Sunday, my family was able to enjoy a wonderful skiing day with some extended family. Others spent Sunday watching a Superbowl game that turned out to have an amazingly shocking ending.

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Mom Says…

How many times have you overheard that phrase? “Mom (Dad) says….” As parents, we are often the primary source of information for our children. Our word is taken as truth and fact (at least for the first 8-10 years of their life). What do we choose to do with this power?

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Thank you for the beautiful day!

It can be so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. Especially as we enter the holiday season. As adults, we see to-do lists, obligations, special events and upcoming snowy/stormy weather as things to conquer, overcome and simply push through. However, I have witnessed two people recently who take a different approach to day-to-day life and I admire their optimistic attitude.

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Parent Fails and Positive Spins

Do you ever have a day that you just don’t feel like you are succeeding in your parenting role? It was just one of those mornings at our house. Trying to get the family out the door almost sent me over the edge. However, the important thing to remember each and every day is that there is a positive spin to all situations and just keep trying.

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Share and Share Alike

As a family grows and adds more children to the mix a new dynamic emerges. The need to share toys with your siblings! If your family has one child, sharing is still a really important lesson. There are going to be playdates and day-care situations and school situations that will require your child to learn how to share and share alike.

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