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Story Starters for Kids

As I read articles on parenting and teaching, I continually read about the importance of introducing our children to words, language and stories. Reading to them when they are young, encouraging them to read and write as they get older and using proper language pronunciation and words are so vital to helping kids get a good start in their language and vocabulary. One of my favorite activities is something I call “story starters”.

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Outdoor Summer Activities for the Family

The school year is wrapping up and you are busy putting away the multitude of papers that came home with your child. Now, you take a breath and wonder what will fill your summer days? You may have days when you are simply enjoying a day with just your kids. What are some meaningful and fun activities that you can be working on?

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Play is a child’s work

Growing up is a lot of work. Children are learning and developing and seeking to understand their environment each and every day. I have heard it said many times that “play is a child’s work”.

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Build our own…

Sometimes you just need to have something fresh and new to do, but don’t want to run to the store to buy a new game or craft. When those moment happen at our house it’s time to “BUILD OUR OWN…” This means we take something we already have and play with and put a new spin on it.

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Average Creativity Time – 15 minutes

My 5-year old son is a crafting maniac. He LOVES to make crafts. Last week, we picked up a shrinky dink craft kit and I smiled at the label on the back which read, “Average Creativity Time – 15 minutes”.

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Time to Restock your Craft Supplies?

Christmas Break is coming. For some, this involves hours of travel and multitudes of Christmas parties, but for others Christmas Break involves a lot of downtime and more at-home play than usual. What do you do with those extra hours at home?

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Play that Counts

As a parent and nanny supervisor, I understand that there are all different types of play that fill a child’s day. Many types of play are great simply due to their creativity and fun, but what really gets me excited, and what we love to share with our nannies, are variations on play that allow you to teach and practice educational tools while playing. Here are some of our favorites:

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Television and our Kids – Part 2

We always encourage our nannies to come to their shifts with creative ideas for the day and strongly discourage using tv and media as solutions to boredom. So, what are some of these creative ideas that can keep kids occupied and happy without resorting to electronics? Here are some of our favorites…

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