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Indoor Summer Play

Sometimes, it is simply too hot or rainy to head outside or you have a small time frame to fill before another activity. Here are some indoor activities that can be easily tweaked to be fun and age appropriate.

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Children and Chores

Children and chores… How do we make the decisions about what age, what chores and what expectations we can have when it comes to our children taking part in chores around the house.

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Media and Kids

I have watched friends and family raise their kids and they have all had different approaches with supervising media and television watching. One family created a token system, others simply set a daily max, etc. Over Christmas break, I devised my own chart system to help our family keep track of our media time better.

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Is it Tuesday?

My 5-year-old son wakes up and calls for me every morning. I go in to say good morning and the first sleepy words out of his mouth are often, “Is it Tuesday?” You might ask why my son cares whether or not it is Tuesday, a day that doesn’t usually get too much attention in the week.

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Teaching Independence

I have been reading a lot of blog articles about cherishing time with your children. Reminders that while the days may seem long, the years will feel short when you look back and you will want to have enjoyed them to the fullest.
I completely agree. And yet…

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Team Buursma

When Jeff and I got married, we soon adopted a phrase that we called “Team Buursma”. Team Buursma was a simple phrase to remind ourselves that first and foremost we are a team and teams stick up for each other and protect each other.

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Spring Break at Home

Are you having an at-home Spring Break this year? While it is awesome to get out of town or even out of the state and enjoy a family vacation, it’s not always possible to take a big Spring Break trip.

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Average Creativity Time – 15 minutes

My 5-year old son is a crafting maniac. He LOVES to make crafts. Last week, we picked up a shrinky dink craft kit and I smiled at the label on the back which read, “Average Creativity Time – 15 minutes”.

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Finding Solutions Together

Each night, we begin the kids’ bedtime routine by reading. Each kid picks a book or gets a chapter read from a larger book. My husband adds his own entertainment to reading time by trying to sneak extra crazy details or sentences to the story and waiting to see if the kids notice.

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15 Minutes

Spending time with our children is one of those things we know is so vitally important and yet sometimes so difficult to achieve. Between work, school, sports, church groups, art clubs, it’s challenging to feel like you are having the quality time you like with your child. And if you are the parent of more than one child, the difficulty level seems to increase exponentially.

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