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Outdoor Summer Activities for the Family

The school year is wrapping up and you are busy putting away the multitude of papers that came home with your child. Now, you take a breath and wonder what will fill your summer days? You may have days when you are simply enjoying a day with just your kids. What are some meaningful and fun activities that you can be working on?

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Do You Need a Summer Nanny?

There are so many days of summer and so many hours to fill! What are you and your kids going to do? Have you considered an in-home summer nanny? Here are just some of the perks of having your own summer nanny:

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Meeting Kids Emotionally

Do you ever catch yourself dealing with a situation in the same way again and again, despite a lack of positive results? For me, this occurred in my approach to child meltdowns. When my kids are tired, or grumpy or simply having a bad day and the slightest thing seems to set them off, I would try the same approach with little results. Until I learned…

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Lessons from the Childcare Pros

Last month, I attended a teacher’s workshop focusing on helping preschool and daycare workers improve their teaching style and classroom setting. So much of what I learned can translate over to the nanny and parenting worlds. Here are 2 highlights:

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Children and Chores

Children and chores… How do we make the decisions about what age, what chores and what expectations we can have when it comes to our children taking part in chores around the house.

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Media and Kids

I have watched friends and family raise their kids and they have all had different approaches with supervising media and television watching. One family created a token system, others simply set a daily max, etc. Over Christmas break, I devised my own chart system to help our family keep track of our media time better.

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I Trust You

I. Trust. You. These are words I try to use more and more as my children are growing older and able to make decisions for themselves. As we enter into upper elementary years, it is time to let them make more decisions and affirm those decisions.

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Temperament 101

Have you ever considered how your temperment and the temperment of your child(ren) can affect how you interact with each other? Temperment can be defined as how we relate and interact with the world. There are many different dimensions of temperment.

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Play is a child’s work

Growing up is a lot of work. Children are learning and developing and seeking to understand their environment each and every day. I have heard it said many times that “play is a child’s work”.

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Encouragement for Kids

I came across this sign the other day and loved its examples of ways to encourage a child. These words seem to equally appreciate a job well done and a job well tried which can be so vital for kids to hear. Just yesterday, I was doing craft time with my children and a craft was not going the way my daughter expected it to go…

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