Our Custom Care Approach

Nanny Match

We understand the key to a good Nanny Match involves more than time frames and scheduling. We focus on three criteria that will determine the right match for your family:

  • Core Values – the personal values of the family and nanny align
  • Care Plan Fit – the needs of the family match the skills and experience of the nanny
  • Connection – the family and nanny are comfortable with each other

1 In-home Consultation

We meet in your home to assess your family’s needs, determine a potential Care Plan, and discuss how Northlight Nannies could be your childcare solution.

2 Northlight’s Nanny Selection Process

We use our expertise to find a great Nanny Match for your family. Our process includes multiple interviews, reference checks, and extensive background screening. Each nanny receives training to build on existing skills and experiences.

3 Nanny Orientation

We present you with the qualifications of a specific nanny which typically leads to an in-home orientation for the nanny. We provide an orientation list that allows you to get to know the nanny and the nanny to learn the expectations for care. You may also choose to introduce the nanny to your children.

4 Northlight Follow Up

We contact you to debrief your time with the potential nanny and confirm we have made a good Nanny Match.

5 Nanny Service Begins

The Nanny begins according to the schedule and Care Plan that we have developed with you. We legally employ the nanny and take care of all employment issues.

6 Northlight Support

We provide on-going support to help you with any issues that arise. Your nanny receives regular training and coaching to encourage her development. You have access to a pool of nannies for backup care when a need arises that your nanny cannot meet.

Ready to Get Started?  Contact us to setup an in-home consultation.  616-363-9966 or casey@northlightnannies.com

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