Event Sitters

Everyone planning an event hopes that their event will be a huge success for all those involved. The reality is that childcare is often an obstacle for the guests as well as those who are hosting. Along with struggling to find a sitter, parents may worry about the qualifications of the sitter they hired and may need to leave early because of time constraints.

Northlight Nannies can provide trained, screened, and experienced nannies to handle childcare for your event. You simply need to provide a dedicated space at your event that will be appropriate for childcare.

Our nannies work with children of all ages to keep them safe and occupied during your event. The nannies engage them in various age-appropriate activities that will fit well with the group of children in their care. The parents are free to stop by anytime to check in on their child which gives them peace of mind.

Your guests will greatly appreciate you providing this service. Northlight Nannies may be an important element contributing to the overall success of your event!

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