Homework help, tutor, afterschool, childcare, math, english, reading, Grand RapidsSome children need more academic help than the parents can provide. Other children do better having someone other than a parent tutoring them. Combining childcare and tutoring may be a great solution for your family. Time spent away from you can be wisely invested in the academic success of your child.

Whether it’s one subject that is causing problems, falling behind in a number of areas, or a lack of study skills and habits, a Nanny-Tutor can help. Each time your nanny is caring for your child, a dedicated time is set aside to focus on academics. Your child does not need to go to a tutoring center, but receives one-on-one tutoring in her own home from a nanny she trusts.

The Nanny-Tutor

Nanny-Tutors are typically education majors who are studying teaching techniques and learning new ways to come at subjects to match different learning styles. Since she will spend focused time with your child, she can determine the best way to help them grasp the concepts. We recruit high energy Nanny-Tutors so that your child does not feel like she is just spending time with another teacher outside of school.

Nanny-Tutors are specialized nannies that typically work as After School Nannies. However, you may want to consider a Nanny-Tutor if you are looking for a Part-Time Nanny or even a Summer Nanny.

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