On Call Babysitters

professional babysitting services, Grand Rapids, West Michigan, childcareFinding a babysitter that you trust is a big challenge for most parents. When an extra meeting comes up or you just want to go on a date with your spouse, working out the childcare can be a difficult piece of the puzzle.

With Northlight Nannies, you have access to a pool of nannies that are experienced, trained, and screened. These professional babysitters come to your home to care for your child, engaging them in healthy play and age-appropriate activities.

How it works

We will set up an in-home meeting to find out about your family and to explain our services to you. If you decide Northlight is right for your family, you pay a Screening Fee which never expires.

Give us a call anytime you need a babysitter and we will find you a nanny that you can feel good about and trust. The nanny provides great care for your child and we take care of all the legal employment issues. We simply bill you for the hours the nanny works.

On-Call families can call for a babysitter several times a week or once a month. You may find that having access to great nannies allows you to do some things that you were never able to do in the past.

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