Part-Time Nanny

Childcare Services, in-home, child care, Summer, After School, parttimeWouldn’t a part-time nanny make your life simpler? Each family is unique, but the one thing that most families have in common is that they are extremely busy. No matter the age of your child, scheduling challenges seem to abound. If you have more than one child, the challenges add up. Finding a way to feel that you are in control of your family’s schedule can seem elusive.

Taking back control

Part-Time Nannies come into your home to help you regain that sense of control. Nannies take care of the children and assist in the child-related housework. Imagine coming back from a meeting and finding the children playing with your nanny, their rooms cleaned and the laundry done.

Our nannies complement your parenting

Northlight understands that nannies are role models. If your child is going to spend significant time with another adult, you want to make sure that your values coincide. You want to make sure that they are engaged in your child’s growth and development just as you are. Our goal is to find a nanny that complements your parenting so that you can feel good about the time your child spends with their nanny.

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