Summer Nanny

Grand Rapids, MI, nanny, summer, daycare, child care, manny, childcare servicesA Summer Nanny is a great way to give your child a summer full of activities, great memories, and positive growth.

A Great Summer Vacation

While students look forward to a summer vacation filled with adventures and time outside, parents are often left wondering how to give their child a wonderful summer while meeting all their responsibilities and obligations. Most parents would rather not put their child into another program just to make the schedule work out. A nanny can come to your home to take care of your child and bring creativity and energy for activities that will connect with your child. In addition, a Northlight Nanny takes care of child-related housework to make your summer a little more fun and care-free.

Our nannies complement your parenting

Northlight understands that nannies are role models. If your child is going to spend significant time with another adult, you want to make sure that your values coincide. You want to make sure that they are engaged in your child’s growth and development just as you are. Our goal is to find a nanny that complements your parenting so that you can feel good about the time your child spends with their nanny.

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