Here are some comments from our Northlight Families:

“Northlight Nannies is an exceptional resource for families in the Grand Rapids area!  We found that the service from this wonderful organization was very personal and professional. They made every effort to reduce the stress of searching for childcare and to meet our scheduling needs. The on-call and long-term nannies were outstanding  —  with excellent experience, qualifications, and, above all, care for our children.  The nannies taught our children so much, read to them, fed them, played with them, and greatly contributed to their overall well-being and the well-being of our family.  Thank you, Northlight Nannies!” Mary B.

“Wonderful Nanny service. Northlight Nannies has always found the best nanny for our household. They also finds subs on a moments notice! They are very professional.” Heather C.

“WE LOVE KELSEY!!! The overall feeling in the family is much more relaxed. I leave work and can be 110% mom when I’m home. Our weekends are total family time. There is no stress about mom needing an afternoon to do work. It’s fabulous! At my moms night out, all I could do was praise Kelsey and your service. :)” Erin W.

“As a mother of a 1-year-old, I couldn’t be happier with Northlight Nannies. They are extremely professional, always following up for feedback, and the best part is that they found us the ideal nanny for our son.” Jane C.

“My husband and I are delighted with the high level of care that our nanny provides for our children.  Not only does she participate in planned activities such as tea parties and story time with our 3-yr. old, but each night I come home to an organized house with dinner often completely prepared.  She also assists with bringing our older children to school and other activities.  Our family has been truly blessed by our nanny experience.” Cindy H.

“We are SO happy and thankful that we were able to find you guys! You helped us, saved us really, at such a stressful time. Not only did you meet our needs at the last minute, but you matched us with a kind, loving, perfect nanny for our family! We will always love our nanny, and be thankful for the time she spent with our family. Thank you Northlight Nannies!”  Lesli K.

“If you need someone to keep an eye on the kids in GR who will keep them safe and build them up, you have to call Northlight Nannies.”  Steve V.

“I am a working mother of two 3&4 year-old boys. As a nurse, my schedule isn’t always consistent. I was struggling to find the right fit. The traditional daycare would not accommodate my inconsistent nursing schedule. I tried various places like, etc. I was not successful. I stumbled across Northlight Nannies and have been content ever since. It is a beautiful combination of professionalism and personal touch. I know my boys are safe and well taken care of! They truly take care of the children, the families, and their employees! I would certainly recommend their services.”  Josie K.

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