Why Northlight?

daycare, nannies, Grand Rapids, in-home, family, caregiving, child care, Our quality nannies and full service office staff makes Northlight Nannies the right choice for your nanny needs. Based here in Grand Rapids, we provide the local touch you need to know your children are well cared for.


Shared Family Values

Our Custom Care Approach takes the time to learn about your family values and priorities, ensuring that your Northlight Nanny is not only a good caregiver, but also a great role model for your child.

Focused Developmental Goals

A Northlight Nanny is trained to provide children with opportunities for social, emotional, religious and cognitive development. Our nannies encourage current favorite activities while gently challenging children to try and experience new things. We want to inspire children to develop their unique gifts and talents.

Personalized In-Home Child Care

Northlight Nannies’ Nanny Services meet your care needs by offering Full-Time, Part-Time or On Call Care. Once placed, a Northlight Nanny focuses specifically on your children and their needs in your own home. Meal times, rest times, and activities are all determined by what’s best for your child’s schedule.


Providing a Northlight Nanny allows children to remain in their familiar surroundings and follow their same routines. They are in the care of a consistent caregiver who knows their needs and understands the parents’ expectations.


Freedom From Nanny Management

Northlight Nannies takes on all of the behind-the-scenes tasks of hiring and supervising a nanny allowing you to spend your free time on the more important things in your life.

On-going Support For Families

We stay in contact with you so that we can offer continued coaching and guidance for your nanny when issues arise that need to be addressed. We do not set you up with a nanny and walk away. We are there to support your family every step of the way.

Backup Nanny Care

We have a pool of qualified, trained, and screened nannies that we can draw from when your primary nanny is not available. Life is full of the unexpected and Northlight Nannies can reduce stress when the unexpected arises.

Legal Employment

Northlight Nannies legally employs our nannies and takes care of the payroll taxes and workers’ compensation insurance. All nannies are bonded and insured.

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